Fire Protective Suites
Water Rescue Equipment
Rescue Equipment
Shuanyi Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1981 that is a professional manufacturer and the trading company. We are specializing in manufacturing fire suits、rescue suits、rescue boats and rescue equipments…etc. We also import high technology rescue equipments and support them to search & rescue teams in Taiwan. Depending on our experiences and professional skills.
We offer diversified rescue products services for the customers.
Personal protective garments (Nomex®、Kevlar®)
Fire Helmets、Fire Boots、Fire Gloves、
Fire Hoods
All kinds of Rescue Boats
All kinds of Rescue Equipments
Since 2009, we have expanded our production facility to allow us to manufacture more Fire Gloves and Personal protective garments to help us maintain the quality of the products and service we offer to rescuers.
Our company have extensive experience in fire suits、rescue suits. With over 30 years of total experience in the manufacturing of Life Safety Products, our senior production staff is uniquely qualified to design and manufacture the highest quality products.
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